I Want to be a... Trustee

How can EnhanceAble help me?

If you are interested in supporting our work at a strategic level, and in helping us to achieve the breakthroughs we seek, then an excellent way to do that is by becoming a Trustee.

We have been told that is a more rewarding role than it often proves to be elsewhere – largely because of the scope here that there is to:

  • Have a real input on the direction of this innovative charity.
  • Support a charity that is so focused on the local community.
  • Witness powerful changes – for both individuals and the community on your doorstep
  • Become very involved at a local level with local people

Interested? In the first instance, please get in touch with Julie Hagarty or Thea Shephard

Please note that, as well as potential trustees, we’re also interested in hearing from:

  • partners who share our philosophy and values, and who are interested in collaboration
  • sponsors who also share our values and are keen to explore mutually beneficial opportunities

Interested? Again, then please contact either Julie Hagarty or Thea Shephard.