On their own, the services we outline on this site do not quite paint a complete picture of how we help people. Here we share what underlies those services and makes them so valuable to the individuals and families we serve. 

A personally tailored approach

To us, it’s vital that every service user has a real say in shaping the services they receive from us. After all, it’s their life. We recognise that everyone’s needs are unique… and keeping closely abreast of those needs as they change is an ongoing priority for us.

If you’re a service user – know that we exist to support you, and that we realise you’re often the best one to tell us how to do that. Many of our services have sprung up directly because of ideas expressed by you, our service users.

A variety of settings

Many of our service users will regularly use more than one of our services. For example, someone may initially receive 1 to 1 support and then also start using our daytime services. This brings welcome variety, choices and possibilities. It’s all about us fitting in with what’s right for you.

New friendships and a sense of community

Outside EnhanceAble, we often find that people look to continue and deepen the friendships that start here – be that with fellow service users or carers. There are also ways we actively help to develop such friendships. For instance, our after-school clubs have led to week-end clubs… and our work with teenagers and young adults has also led to new social groups.

Making a positive difference to people’s lives

This is what drives us, and why we do what we do. We invite you to look at the different personal stories on the website. You are also welcome to come and visit us – perhaps on an open day – so you can experience first-hand how we work, have a look round, a chat and a coffee.

A word about our staff

None of what we achieve would be possible without having such an exceptional and highly trained staff team who embrace our and share our ethos. They love their work and are wholly committed to supporting and empowering the individuals entrusted to them.

We know our services will continue to evolve and improve, as our staff continue to listen to service users, and creatively respond to their ideas and changing needs. EnhanceAble is a service full of passionate people providing a fabulous service. We are very proud of our team.

Interested to learn more about our approach?

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Not all charity shops are the same.

When you volunteer for EnhanceAble at one of our two shops, it soon becomes apparent that what you’re supporting is very much a local charity for local people. That’s because our shops are often visited by those with a direct link to the charity itself.

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