About EnhanceAble

EnhanceAble is here to help people to change their lives for the better. Those of you with disabilities, and also those of you who look after them… their parents or carers. Here you can hear our story and our values, learn how we work, and meet our team. To meet us in person, you are welcome to attend one of our open days or other events that we host throughout the year.

Our Story

“It’s extremely important that people know we’re here and available and ready to help

Adam Coe, Support Worker, EnhanceAble Living

We’re very much a local charity. We support disabled people in both Kingston upon Thames and in Richmond, and have been making a difference to lives for over 60 years.

We exist for one clear reason: to help those with disabilities – and their parents or carers – to truly enhance and improve their lives. Hence our name. Specifically, we support service users of all ages – children, teenagers, young adults and adults.

We do this in a surprising variety of ways and settings – supporting people in their homes and out in the community through our 1 to 1 support, as well as through our walk-in daytime services and short breaks or respite. We also provide regular after school clubs.

Being a registered charity, we are driven, not by profit, but by our commitment to be responsive to our service users’ unique needs. All our staff are dedicated, trained and supported, to provide the right care for each individual, and to providing a personally tailored approach.

We’re an exceptional local employer. Often, those who had never considered social work are drawn to the idea of working with us through word of mouth – by hearing about the exceptional careers we can offer to young people who want to make a real difference in their working life.

Our Ethos

These values underpin everything that we do.

  • EnhanceAble values inclusion; we believe that diversity adds richness to our service
  • We see every person as unique; we recognise that everyone’s needs are different
  • We are creative and innovative; we constantly look for new and better ways to work
  • We are flexible and adaptable; we recognise that people’s needs continually change

We also believe that there’s a difference to how we work.

The quality of our working culture, and the depth of support and respect we give to our staff does – we believe – have a very direct and significant bearing on the quality of service and support we’re then able to provide to our service users.

Specifically, our staff are always looking to:

Understand more deeply. That is, to have a full and clear picture of any individual’s needs, and to keep alive the dialogue that enables that understanding to grow.

Create supportive communities. Many of those who come to us have been in relative isolation… often cut off from the kind of friendships or activities they enjoy, and that enable them to thrive.

Rethink what is possible. We often provide support and services unavailable anywhere else locally. We constantly look to create new solutions that will best serve those we support.

Our Team

“The staff are really what makes EnhanceAble different…”

Julie Hagarty, CEO

Every one of our managers has been handpicked, promoted from within, and shares our ethos.

You can get in touch with our individual staff members here.

Open Days

Perhaps the best way to get an idea of the work we do, and of how we work, is to visit us in person.

One great way to do that is by attending one of our open days, or one of the other events that we host throughout the year at Geneva Road in Kingston.

We look forward to meeting you, and to supporting you.