I Want to be a... Volunteer

Three ways to volunteer with us…

At EnhanceAble there are three distinct ways in which you can become involved as a volunteer.

You can…

Volunteer at the heart of our work
Volunteer at one of our two Charity shops
Become one of our Trustees

Volunteer at the heart of our work

This gives you a chance to get first-hand experience of directly supporting our service users, as you work alongside our teams in a variety of settings – at Geneva Road, Croft Cottage or Space – and help us to provide 1 to 1 Support, After School clubs, Day Services or Respite care.

So are you…

  • A student looking for exceptional work experience?
  • Someone looking to change careers?
  • Someone returning to work after a career break?
  • Someone retired and wanting to still do meaningful work?

There are exceptional volunteering opportunities with EnhanceAble.

And for some of our service users, volunteering can prove to be a great way to give back the support they have received. Such an experience can also stand them in great stead for future work opportunities.

Interested? Contact Julie Hagarty.

Volunteer at one of our Charity shops

Not all charity shops are the same. When you volunteer for EnhanceAble at one of our two charity shops, it soon becomes apparent that what you’re supporting is very much a local charity for local people. That’s because both shops are often visited by those with a direct link to the charity itself. For many, this adds to the appeal of working for us – as some volunteers have now done for many years.

Interested? Then either contact Julie Hagarty or simply drop into one of our two shops.