Respite & Short Breaks


Are you, as a family

  • Looking to give yourselves a break and some breathing space?
  • Wanting a change from the people who provide your daily care… or needing somewhere to stay whilst your usual carer is unavailable?
  • Ready to relieve the pressure of living together all the time?
  • Keen to protect, nurture and rejuvenate your relationships… and to step back into being family members, rather than just carers?

Then consider the two respite houses that EnhanceAble runs. 


We provide a Respite and Short Break service at two separate respite houses.

SPACE – where we provide welcome respite for adults with disabilities, especially younger adults… and also their families. For more information, contact Sharon on 07507946914 or email

Rainbow House – where we provide welcome respite for children with disabilities*. For more information, contact Chloe on 07984572480 or email

(* PLEASE NOTE: that Rainbow House is ONLY currently available to children in the Kingston & Richmond area, and only to those with the prior agreement of the funding panel. We are especially grateful to Achieving for Children for being the wonderful funders that they are.)

  • In each of these two settings we’re able to support those with a wide range of physical and learning disabilities
  • Each serves as a ‘home away from home’, and often proves to be of invaluable support to both service users and their families.

We invite you to learn more about Space and Rainbow House

Rainbow House


Are you:

  • The parent of a child between 8-18?
  • Interested in a high quality respite provision for your child?
  • Looking for a way to receive respite for yourself whilst being confident and happy that your child is in a safe, fun and enriching environment?
  • Living in the Kingston or Richmond borough?

If so, then EnhanceAble may be able to help you and your child at Rainbow House.

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Rainbow House


Rainbow House has been created, not only to provide a safe and secure environment for your child, but also to significantly enrich their life.

Rainbow House is owned by Achieving for Children and EnhanceAble are funded by AfC to run and manage the cottage. This facility is only open to Kingston & Richmond children and you must speak to your child’s social worker about funding.

We will always put the child first and work closely with families, carers or professionals to make sure we are achieving the utmost for the individual child, contributing to their development and, of course, their happiness and fulfilment.

  • Rainbow House is a fully accessible 10-bed respite house for children with disabilities who live in Kingston or Richmond
  • Referrals must come through the local authority, and not directly through EnhanceAble.
  • Rainbow House is run by fully trained EnhanceAble staff.
  • All children receive the correct support ratio that they have been assessed as needing. This is reviewed regularly.
  • Children will be supported by staff who have training that is relevant to them and who know them and understand their needs..

Before each stay

Before each stay, a pre-visit conversation takes place between staff and carer where we can discuss the possibilities for the weekend’s activities and catch up on any recent changes in their lives. This means that there’s a clear structure in place that the child can expect.


At Rainbow House we plan a weekly activities schedule based on the interests or requests of the children who are staying. The activities can take place both within the House and in the community.

  • Examples of some popular activities so far are: baking, sensory stories, musical sessions, visiting Kew Gardens, playing in the playground, going to EnhanceAble events, going to the cinema, going out to eat and more.


  • Many of the staff at EnhanceAble have direct experience of caring for a family member with a disability, which often inspires them to look for a job within care.
  • We pride ourselves on our range of relevant training from paediatric first aid to Makaton and other specialist training.
  • We are always more than willing to arrange new training for EnhanceAble staff where necessary for the wellbeing of a child.


  • Once children are more familiar with Rainbow House and with the EnhanceAble staff team, we will begin to try more adventurous outings and activities outside of the House.


Rainbow House is there to provide respite to you as parents, or carers, as much as to the young people who stay with us.

It’s often the case that parents like to stay on-site and to have a cup of tea and an informal chat with other carers and families.

In this way, Rainbow House provides further respite for parents, as well as helping to grow a wider network of friendship and support.


To learn more about Rainbow House, your best next step is to contact the EnhanceAble Short Breaks Manager, Chloe Binala, who will advise you on who you will need to contact – as referrals do not come directly through EnhanceAble.
0208 831 6011


Is this service for YOU?

As a family

  • Would you love to be able to take a break?

As an individual…

  • Are you finding it challenging to find a safe and fun place to visit or stay… that’s person-centred, flexible and equipped for learning and/or physical disabilities?
  • Are you interested in learning new skills, meeting new people and having fun?
  • Are you looking for a way to make new friends and keep stimulated?

Then see how our respite house Space can help you and your family.

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How can Space help YOU?

EnhanceAble Space is a high-quality respite house in Ewell for disabled people aged 18 and over. Here we offer flexible, person-centred short breaks that are focused on quality service delivery.

  • A flexible form of respite: We are regularly praised by families and care managers for our ability to tailor support packages to the needs of each individual. This flexibility has made a real difference to the families we support.
  • A creative, active and supportive environment: Space often proves to be a ‘breath of fresh air’ for those who stay. Activities include jewellery making, cooking, trips out, spa evenings, film nights and parties.
  • Length of short break: You can visit the house for tea time breaks, overnight stays, daytime activities, or for longer periods.

Starting on the right foot:

  • Before you come to us as a new referral, we will visit you at your current placement – that is, in your school or college and also in your home. This enables us to create a full picture of how you are doing in all your different settings.
  • Multi-agency involvement is at the heart of our referral process and we are often praised for this. It’s indicative of how we always strive to do better.
  • We have close contact with local authorities and their teams including Speech and Language Therapists, Psychology and Community Nurses.

STAYING in CLOSE TOUCH with parents AND carers.

  • We have an open door policy so that parents do not need to call ahead to visit while their son or daughter is staying at the house
  • This is to reassure them that we operate to a high standard at all times and have no concerns about them visiting whenever they choose.
  • We also make sure we’re always easily accessible to you as the parent or carer.

a family-like atmosphere that really helps

  • Space has a family-like atmosphere that encourages independence and socialisation for all of our clients.
  • Speech and language therapists have commented on the noticeable improvements achieved by individuals staying at Space – in terms of their communication skills and their confidence.


  • Our team is bright, experienced, approachable and energetic; they love the work they do.
  • This creates an open atmosphere and helps to quickly build up a strong and trusting rapport between staff and clients.
  • All staff members are employed by and trained by EnhanceAble. We do not use agency staff.
  • In addition to a general training programme, everyone is trained and prepared to work specifically with each person who uses the service.


Space has outstanding facilities that include:

  • Individual rooms with en suites
  • A secure secluded garden
  • Spacious eating, living and recreational areas
  • A sensory cabin with a ball pond
  • Ceiling track hoists
  • Space is a safe environment


To learn how you can get ‘Space’ into your life, and create some happy memories here, or to arrange a free and confidential assessment, please contact Sharon at:

020 82246249 or