Children (5–12)

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At EnhanceAble we can offer an unusual breadth of services to children with a range of disabilities. Many of the children and families we support use more than one of these services.

What can Enhanceable Give You?

Our services and resources include:

  • After school clubs are available – Catering for those with a variety of needs and disabilities, including those with more complex health and/or physical disabilities. This service is funded by Achieving for Children, and has an attendance fee of £2.50 per session.
  • Our 1 to 1 support could start with a simple one-hour trip to the park, and will often then grow in a way that reflects what’s most supportive to the individual child.
  • Respite care is now available to those of you with young children from aged 8 with more complex disabilities. While based at Rainbow House , the children will often do trips and activities outside its four walls. Again, for children who meet the criteria, this is funded by Achieving for Children.
  • The sensory room at Geneva Road is a particular favourite with younger children

To find out more, contact: Julie Hagarty on 07960031075 or