Young Adult (18–30)

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Reaching 18 often signals abrupt changes to the support provided to those of you with disabilities. At EnhanceAble we’re determined to plug such gaps, and ensure you have the continuity of care, support and opportunity you need and deserve.

What can Enhanceable Give You?

Our services and resources include:

1 to 1 Support

1 to 1 support is offered via a hand-picked team of staff. They can help you to acquire vital new social skills, and also develop your confidence and independence.

Who should I contact?

Jina Glashier 020 8541 3334

Daytime Services

Our day services are very much available to young adults, and include a changing mix of therapies, support and activities. Geneva Road is itself a vibrant and supportive community.

Who should I contact?

Virginie Guyotjeannin 020 8546 7350

Toni Rowland 020 8546 7350

Respite & Short Breaks

Respite care is available to young adults with a variety of disabilities at our house called ‘Space’. As a service user, you will often go on trips and do activities outside its four walls.

Who should I contact?

Sharon Mclaughlin 020 8224 6249

Who should I contact?