I am a... Carer

How can EnhanceAble help me?

It’s not easy to find someone you can trust to look after a loved one who has a disability.

If you’re a parent or a carer, we’re here for you – to help you as much as the individual who uses our services.

  • We’re here to help people of all ages – we’re talking about from ages 5 to 95. And beyond. Specifically, children, teenagers, young adults and adults.
  • We’re here to help those of you living in Kingston and Richmond and the surrounding areas.
  • Our service goes beyond what you might expect. After all, we’re a charity, wholly committed to helping people to improve the quality of their lives and – across all our services – we are proud of our highly tailored approach.
  • We have two respite housesone for children, one for adults – which are there to support you as a family to have the short break you are looking for. We also offer daytime services.
  • The quality of our staff is exceptional. We do not use temporary agency staff. Our highly trained staff love what they do, and stay responsive to each individual’s changing needs.
  • Meeting other families is an important aspect of our work. At EnhanceAble friendships often spring up – not only amongst the service users – but also between fellow parents and carers.


Who do you contact? That depends on the age and the needs of the service user themselves, who may be a child, a teenager, a young adult or an adult.

For children and teenagers

Julie Hagarty

For young adults and adults

1 to 1 Support
Jina Glashier
07852 449612

Daytime Services
Barbara King
07984 396453

Short breaks and Respite
Sharon McLaughlin
07507 946914

If you think we can help you, do get in touch. (And you may want to first see our FAQs below.)

Your Questions Answered

How much does your service cost?

That depends very much on the service.

In some cases – such as ‘after school’ clubs – our services are free, as they are funded by grants from the local authority or other bodies.

There are a number of ways to pay for charged services. Some people are able to have support funded through a Personal Budget from social services; some people have places directly funded and managed by social services; and some people choose to pay privately.

We can help you to find out about funding and discuss this with you. You can talk to us and meet us to discuss how this might work without having to make any commitment at all.

How easily can I reach who I need to?

We pride ourselves on the quality of communication.

We are proud of our policy to communicate openly, honestly and in a timely way. All managers carry mobile phones and all services have someone on call all the time.

This website gives you a complete list of locations and of individual manager’s contact details.

How do I know that your service works?

Take a look at the different videos and testimonials on this website, and do also feel free to ask us for specific endorsements from those who have used the service you’re interested in.

We will also be happy to put you in contact with such carers and service users, who can share their experiences with you directly.