I am a... Professional

Are you a social care or health professional?

Would you like to see how your clients could benefit from the support we provide?

Time and again, we hear people say ‘I didn’t know a service like this existed’. Services like ours at EnhanceAble are indeed few and far between.

So if you’re a professional providing support to someone with a disability, do see how our services might work with yours to create a complete and holistic package.

How can EnhanceAble help me?

  • The services to complement yours
    Whatever the age of your client – be they a child, teenager, young adult or adult – there may well be something that they’re lacking. Whether that’s a wider network of friends, a more inspiring routine, or something else unique to them, we are probably able to provide that ‘missing something’.
  • Discover your local care community
    We are here, not just to support individuals with disabilities and their families, but also the carers who look after them. We can often help by accommodating other people on our training courses and are always happy to talk through things informally. At EnhanceAble we love being part of the local community and we really enjoy working jointly with other organisations to provide the very best for local people.
  • Opportunities to join us
    Many of those who decide to work with us come from outside social care – and had never even considered social work. Often through word of mouth, they are attracted by the unique way we do what we do. By our culture, our ethos, and our commitment to giving our staff what they deserve and need – not just outstanding training (see below) and support, but also real creative freedom and a genuine opportunity to grow with us. Having said that, if you do have a social work or healthcare background and you also share our ethos, and like our vision, we would love to hear from you.
  • Our Exceptional Training
    EnhanceAble believes that the quality of care and support offered to its service users is a direct reflection of the quality of support and training we provide to our staff. All new staff are taken through a person-centred induction programme that includes a variety of training, shadowing and discussion elements. Once new staff have completed their initial induction, they have the opportunity to grow and develop through formal qualifications. They are also encouraged to explore further training outside the immediate remit of their role. Many of our staff go on to be promoted and take on roles within EnhanceAble. In fact, the majority of our current managers have been internally promoted to those roles. (And they are all doing a fantastic job!)

Interested? Then contact Julie Hagarty or Thea Shephard