Community Support Service

Also known as Enhanceable Living


This is a service that few people realise is ‘out there and is often the very thing they are most missing in their life. So ask yourself:

  • Do you need more support at home?
  • Do you need support in your local community?
  • Are you ready to have more fun and variety in your life?


EnhanceAble Living can help you at home; you may live with your family, alone, or in some type of supported living. If there is a care gap in your life can help you. EnhanceAble Living can;

  • Provide at home respite for carers
  • Provide support with budgeting and skills development
  • Provide personal care and other care
  • Support you to access opportunities in the community
  • Support you to meet up with friends and family

This is a hugely flexible and personal service that can provide very different kinds of support.

Available to those of all ages.

Our community support service is for people aged 8 through to adult and elderly. So what this service actually looks like can vary hugely from one person to the next – as can the nature of the support.

Available from 2 hours per week to 24 hours a day.

This is a highly flexible service. From a short home visit to a trip away that may span several days. Some young people only use our service in school or college holidays.

NB: 1 to 1 support can also be booked in advance for holiday breaks from school or college.

Ever-increasing circles

As a rule, people come to us for practical, emotional and social support, and soon start enjoying greater independence. Often, as their confidence grows, a variety of unexpected opportunities and possibilities emerge. On many occasions we have heard people talk of ‘getting their lives back’.

At home and in the community

Typically this service involves providing practical 1 to 1 support within the home, as well as support to live a fuller life outside its four walls in the community. How this unfolds depends entirely on the individual, for ours is a highly tailored approach. We can also use our centre in Geneva Road as a base for a person’s individual service if that is desirable.


From the outset we always make sure we have a full picture of your needs, and of what does and doesn’t work for you. From that foundation of understanding, we start providing a 1 to 1 service to support and empower you in different ways. Typically this can include:

Practical and emotional support.
We can help you to simplify daily challenges and also expand what you can do with confidence.

Specifically, we can help you to:

pay bills, budget, shop, manage your tenancy, clean your house, administer your medication or check it, give complex personal care, ensure you are able to express your view, get understood and listened to, support you to attend hospital and other medical appointments, help you to remember medical advice and write things down for you, be there to show support, make sure you understand what the medical profession says….

Social and educational support.
By helping you to enjoy a wide range of social and educational opportunities, we can change your sense of what is possible in your life.

Specifically, we can support you to:

make friends, plan outings and visits to friends and relatives, join clubs, introduce you to possible friends to share social opportunities with, attend classes or groups with you, help with buying tickets, go with you to see friends, provide you with the social care support you need during the outing…

Interested? Get in touch today.

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Your Questions Answered

What is the cost of the care?

EnhanceAble Living is not the cheapest 1 to 1 service, but we do believe it is the best. Many people can get funding either in terms of a Personal Budget or Managed Budget from Social Services. We can help you find out about this.

You can phone or meet us and chat about what we charge and how to fund this with absolutely no obligation.

Am I eligible for funding support?

Social Services will have carried out or will carry out an assessment to establish whether you can obtain funding for this type of service. We can give you free support and advice about how to do this.

What is my best first step?

Contact us for an informal chat. We are also always happy to meet or to send you information by email. We can help you talk to social services.