Daytime Services

Also known as Geneva Road Services


Are you:

  • Transitioning out of school or college and looking at all the available daytime activities and support?
  • Unhappy with, or bored by, your current day-to-day routine?
  • Facing this challenge alone or with limited support?
  • Interested in a daytime support that is focused on what you really want and need?
  • Looking for a way to connect with similar people in your community?

Then EnhanceAbles Daytime Services are here for you. Whether you want to come all day or just for a specific activity or event… whether or not you need personal care or 1 to 1 support… and whatever your disability… you are welcome.


Based at Geneva Road in Kingston, our exceptional on-site team currently support people of all ages with various disabilities through a rich programme of activities.

  • Here the focus is on group activities that promote independence and well-being.
  • We also offer day trips, wellbeing therapies and personal support, and take great pride in the positive impact our day services have on service users and their families.
  • People love the healthy and affordable lunches we provide five days a week.
  • Surprisingly well equipped, this vital community resource has exceptional facilities including a well-equipped physio and exercise room, an IT room and a highly popular sensory room
  • Every service user has a strong say in what we do.
  • Some people might also need one to one personal support – we can also provide that.

Group Activities

  • Changing four times a year, our rich programme of activities is varied and comprehensive, offering great choices for everyone.
  • Our focus is on helping service users to develop self-esteem and confidence, as well as vital social and life skills – often through activities that have a strong educational value.
  • These activities include: art & crafts * baking & cooking * building independence * exercise & sport * IT * music & games * gardening * hobbies & interests * life skills * sensory stimulation
  • Our groups are informed by you. We arrange tutors and facilitators for the activities people want.


  • Trips to local attractions like Richmond Park and Hampton Court and the seaside often prove very popular.
  • Other favourites include bowling trips, visits to the local gym and our monthly discos.


  • Through visiting and in-house therapists, we offer massage, physiotherapy, relaxation and many other therapies.
  • To offer such a wide mix of therapies in an accessible environment, and with the right support, is a relatively rare thing – certainly locally.


Well trained, well supported and experienced, our dedicated on-site team is fully committed to the needs of each client… and to making sure they get exactly what they want out of their placement at the centre.

  • We can support adults with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, acquired brain injury and/or sensory disabilities.
  • Specifically, all staff are trained to use Makaton, and are qualified to undertakecomplex moving and handling. (NB: We don’t use agency staff.)
  • On hand to support service users with any problems, faced either with us or at home, our staff also help them to achieve new independence and to access new opportunities.


We‘re committed to giving our clients regular input into how we do things – listening closely to what they want and need, and evolving our services accordingly.

That’s why we:

  • Constantly invite service users to share their thoughts and views
  • Directly involve them in the choice of activities in our programme
  • Hold a Service User Conference once a year


Call Barbara on 07984396453 or email to arrange a visit.

As a potential client, you are welcome to come in for a free trial day at the centre (arranged with Barbara first).

Your Questions Answered

How do I pay?

The service can be purchased through personal budgets, individual budgets, self-funding or through a third party such as social services.

When do I attend?

You can either come for the whole day (arriving between 9.00 and 11.00am and leaving between 3.00 and 4.00pm) or you can choose to attend for specific activities or parts of the day. Some people come 4 or 5 days each week, others pop in for a few chosen activities. Our charges are based on which services YOU want and need.

What sort of people attend Geneva Road?

The people who come to Geneva Road have a really wide range of disabilities. Some have physical disabilities, some learning disabilities, and some Autism, while others have acquired brain injuries or a particular health condition, such as MS. A number of people also have sensory disabilities. At EnhanceAble we do not expect people to fit into neat boxes; we see you as a person with unique needs… and we are here to help you meet those needs.

Is there an age limit on who can go to Geneva Road?

You must be at least 18.