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The Actor, The Soldier, The Model & The Graduate

It began when Sam left his modelling job for something far more fulfilling, and was soon joined by his brother Adam who then told his friends Virginie and Darren.

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The Model

“I strive to give the power back to our service users.”

Sam was a great model as you can see from this shot! However, Sam felt something was missing from his life. One day, a flyer landed on his doormat offering career opportunities at EnhanceAble. Sam started to work for us 4 years ago as a support worker. After training and development, Sam became a senior support worker and last year achieved the post of assistant manager.

The Graduate

“It’s important that the staff love what they’re doing, and they do.”

Adam is Sam’s brother. He had followed the traditional path of going into a graduate job after uni. Adam was bored and frustrated with his job. Sam told Adam about EnhanceAble and Adam quickly applied for a job. He is now a care coordinator and loves his job.

The Actor

“I never thought I’d find a job that’s so rewarding. The service users and support workers are amazing.”

Darren is an actor on stage and screen. One day, Adam was in a cafe spending time with one of the people who uses our services. Darren was sitting on the next table and saw 2 people having fun. He walked up to their table and asked Adam about his work. Darren successfully applied for a job at EnhanceAble and works with us part time.

The Soldier

“My job is full of training and development opportunities, every day is different. I’m currently studying for a diploma in charity leadership and management. EnhanceAble is funding and supporting me to do this.”

Virginie was a Sergeant in the French Army. She settled in Kingston and met Adam over morning coffee at a mutual friend’s house. Virginie joined EnhanceAble and worked for our Children’s Services. Last summer, Virginie was promoted to the post of Executive Assistant reporting directly to our CEO, Julie. Sometimes Virginie’s puppy, Fitz, visits us at work.